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Cusimano Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

A Patient Centric Approach to Plastic Surgery in Baton Rouge


Cusimano Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery


5233 Dijon Dr
Baton Rouge Louisiana 70808
United States


+1 225 761 8687

Cusimano Plastic & Reconstructive surgery is a leading center for plastic surgery located in the City of Baton Rouge. They serve both males and females from Baton Rouge and the surrounding Louisiana areas.

This is the center to go to if you are looking for a Baton Rouge plastic surgery specialist who is committed and cares about safety and results. Dr. Cusimano, along with the plastic surgery professionals of Cusimano Plastic & Reconstructive center, are experts in the latest techniques. They also offer individualized treatment and care for each patient.

Body Contouring Treatments

Cusimano Plastic & Reconstructive surgery specializes in body contouring aesthetic treatments. Patients with excess skin or fat can choose between a variety of procedures, including a tummy-tuck, fat-grafting, armlift, liposuction and mommy makeover. These cosmetic treatments can help you achieve a more toned, sculpted look that will last for years.

Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial rejuvenation is another major area of expertise at Cusimano Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Individuals looking to restore a more youthful appearance to their faces can go for this type of plastic surgery. Some of the procedures that Dr. Cusimano offers include facelift, brow lift, eyelid surgery, neck lift, facial fat grafting, and earlobe repair. These facial cosmetic treatments are designed to reduce the typical signs of aging. wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of volume).

Breast Reconstruction:

Dr. Luke Cusimano (FACS) and his Baton Rouge team at Cusimano Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery also specialize in breast plastic surgery. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, then you may benefit from this type of plastic surgery. Dr. Luke Cusimano is a specialist in aesthetic breast procedures, such as breast augmentation and breast lift. He also specializes in breast reduction and implant revision. Dr. Cusimano’s Baton Rouge office offers male breast reduction to men who want to eliminate excess fat deposits in the chest region.

Breast Reconstruction

Many women who have gone through a lumpectomy or lumpectomy as part of their breast cancer treatment opt to have a reconstruction in order to reclaim their sense of self-confidence. Cusimano Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery offers breast reconstruction with implants, DIEP Flap breast reconstruction, oncoplastic reduction, and tissue breast reconstruction. These cosmetic surgeries are tailored to each patient's individual needs and may help them achieve a more natural-looking and symmetrical result.

Nonsurgical procedures

Cusimano Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is a leading provider of non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the city of Baton Rouge. This is a great option for anyone who wants to achieve their aesthetic goals, without the expense and downtime associated with surgery. BOTOX and Dermal Fillers are popular choices for those who want to smooth wrinkles, lines and creases. Minimally invasive, each of these aesthetic treatments is quick and relatively painless. Results typically last for several months.

SkinCare Products

Cusimano Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery gives patients access to high-quality skincare products. Each product is designed to minimize damage to the skin and enhance the results of your cosmetic surgery. These products include sunscreens, hydrating lotions, skin brighteners and firming serums. You can choose from a variety of products that are tailored to your skin type and needs.

The Baton Rouge staff and plastic surgeon at Cusimano Plastic & Reconstructive surgery provide patients with both professional and compassionate care. The practice is committed to helping you achieve aesthetic goals and feel confident about your appearance. If you're interested in learning more about the procedures offered by Cusimano Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, visit the surgeon's website or schedule a consultation today.


About Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge ( BAT-ən ROOZH; French: Bâton-Rouge, pronounced [bɑtɔ̃ ʁuʒ]; Spanish: Bastón Rojo) is the capital city of the U.S. state of Louisiana. Located on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River, it had a population of 227,470 as of 2020; it is the seat of Louisiana's most populous parish (county-equivalent), East Baton Rouge Parish, and the center of Louisiana's second-largest metropolitan area and city, Greater Baton Rouge. The Baton Rouge area owes its historical importance to its strategic site upon the Istrouma Bluff, the first natural bluff upriver from the Mississippi River Delta at the Gulf of Mexico. This allowed development of a business quarter safe from seasonal flooding. In addition, it built a levee system stretching from the bluff southward to protect the riverfront and low-lying agricultural areas.

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